D'Agostino Pasta | Traditional handmade pasta since 1926
D'Agostino uses old world techniques to create artisan pasta since 1926. Handmade using pure Semolina and air-dried in wooden cellars
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Old World Quality, Southern Design

D’Agostino Pasta Company has been made using old world techniques to produce the finest, freshest artisan pasta.  The family traditions that originated in Palermo, Sicily, are still being adhered to today as a symbol of our commitment to our Italian heritage.  D’Agostino Pasta is made using only the finest durum wheat (100% Semolina), air-dried over rods in wooden cellars, just as it was done in Sicily for centuries.  Celebrated for its delicate texture and classic flavor, our pasta is handmade, all-natural, and preservative-free, producing the best tasting pasta available on the market today.  D’Agostino Pasta brings a little taste of Italy right into your kitchen.  Enjoy!

No preservatives, additives, eggs or other ingredients added to our all natural pasta.

Our pasta is extruded through bronze dies giving the pasta a rougher texture that cooks better and absorbs sauces.

Our pasta is air dried naturally in a wooden cellar for three days, with no added heat or microwaves.

The traditional technique gives the finest pasta that cooks fresh and taste handmade like it is.

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